2020 Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parade Application

Entries must be received by July 6, 2020. Entries received after this date will be placed at the end of the parade and will not be included in the announcing or judging. Line up 2 hours before start of parade (2:00 p.m.) at Black River Falls Senior High School. There will be people there to direct you to your place in the parade line up

Contact Information

Download PDF Application

Application Procedure

All groups wishing to have their unit in the parade must have provided all the following when applying, or the entry WILL NOT BE PROCESSED:

  1. A completed Application form including attached Waiver Agreement
  2. Proper Insurance papers verifying adequate coverage must also accompany application

All applications must be returned to Millie Hoffman @ Millie J’s via email or general mail on or before due date. Return information is listed at the bottom of the Parade Application Form.

Upon receipt of the application form, it must be received prior to the deadline date; the Parade Committee will review all the applications and make it selections. The Parade Committee will contact all applicants and notify them of their acceptance into the parade. The Parade Committee will make its recommendations using your application; therefore, it is very important that your application be complete and legible.


Please be certain to have a certificate of insurance in vehicles, trailers, etc. participating in the Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parade.

All applications must provide Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) insurance having a combined single limit of no less than $300,000.00 covering bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. In addition to the CGL, the applicants must provide automobile insurance (where applicable) with minimum limits of $100,000.00 per person, $300,000.00 for bodily injury, and $100,000.00 per motorized float/vehicle units. An insurance certificate verifying the above limits must be sent with the parade application to the person named on the parade application. The insurance certificate must contain the following provisions:

  1. Proof of insurance must be in all vehicles and sent with applications, DO NOT have to name us as additionally insured.
  2. In addition to the insurance requirements, all applicants must sign a WAIVER AGREEMENT with the Black River Falls Downtown Association.
  3. All information must be turned in with your application form. No applications will be processed without all of the necessary forms.

General Information

Order of Appearance

  • The Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parade Committee will determine the order of appearance for Float or Specialty Units in the parade. The order is determined to establish variety, as well as best utilization of the participants.
  • Participation in previous Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parades does not guarantee acceptance into this year’s activities.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Committee plans to proceed with the parade, rain or shine. Should inclement weather occur prior to a parade, then the Festival Officials will determine if it is sufficiently severe to cancel or delay the parade.
  • You may decline to march your Float or Specialty Unit when weather threatens to damage uniforms, props or instruments.


  • Floats and tow vehicles cannot exceed a height of 20’ from ground level.
  • It is strongly suggested that all motorized units provide at least two volunteers to walk along side units that have children on board.
  • Training. All drivers must be licensed and adequately trained to drive their assigned unit.
  • At least one 4-pound dry chemical or one 10-pound carbon dioxide fire extinguisher must be placed within easy reach of the driver of the unit.
  • Units with support vehicles are allowed to have one unit follow and it should visually represent their school, organization or community.
  • A first aid kit should be in all vehicles so you can attend to the needs of your participants as well as water, especially on extremely hot days.

Code of Conduct 

  • Individuals and organizations participating in Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parade are expected to perform courteously, in good taste and with safety in mind at all times during the assembly, execution, and dispersal of the parades.
  • Please police your own areas and clean up after your participants. No garbage cans are available in the parade staging area or route; you must take all trash & recyclables with you.
  • For safety reasons, please do not throw candy from the parade units. Walkers may hand out candy or other objects along the parade route but NOT in the staging area.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • NO alcoholic beverages of any kind will be allowed on or with the unit either in the staging area or along the parade routes. The consumption of any alcoholic beverage by any participant is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted by the City of Black River Falls Police Department under Wisconsin State Statues. If this happens the unit will be pulled and towed from the parade at the owner/operators expense, and the operator will also be arrested. The insurance company will be informed, and the unit will not be asked back by the Karner Blue Butterfly Festival Parade Committee.


  • Each equestrian unit must have a complete and thorough manure clean-up with their unit, at the staging area, along the parade route, and at the dispersal area.

Assembly Area

  • Assembly Responsibility…..Once the float or specialty unit is in position in the line-up area, the driver must be in attendance at all times and available to move the unit as necessary.
  • Your float or specialty unit should report to the assembly area two (2) hours prior to the parade start time of 4:00 p.m. This information will be mailed, emailed or faxed along with your acceptance notice prior to the festival as to the time and location of your arrival.
  • Float or specialty support vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, and trailers must be promptly unloaded and proceed to the dispersal parking area.
  • First aid kits should be carried on all units. One first aid kit will be available at the staging area, line up check in station.

Parade movement – Starts promptly at 4:00 p.m. 

  • The Karner Blue Butterfly Parade Committee has worked very hard to make sure the parade route is free of interruptions; therefore, there will be no counter marching or maneuvering in any form by any unit which will create any type of gap. All maneuvering, choreography, and marching styles must be performed while moving forward – unless prior approval received.

Dispersal Area

  • Continue moving throughout dispersal area. No exceptions. You must move to South First Street for tear down and loading of units unless parade officials allow otherwise, again NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Float or specialty members should not walk or march back through the parade route after disbanding.
  • Your cooperation in this busy area will be expected!
  • Continue to South First Street for dispersal.